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Balloon Gridz 1- Box of 15 Gridz
Balloon Gridz
decor, walls and more without Helium!

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Decorator Plastic Grids. Create balloon art with rectangular grids! Comes with 15 snap-together plastic grids. Each grid is 12″ x 12″ and each cell is 6″x 6″. Use 9″ or larger latex balloons underinflated to 7.5″ (not included) to fit in the grid. Instructions included.
Each box contains 15 gridz panels. (can make a 3 x5 ft panel size when assembled).

Does NOT include any type of stand. Usually attached to wall or your own frame.
The Gridz will only be as strong and steady as you make the frame.

Each grid is 12”x12”, and has two smooth sides and two
sides with clips that fasten to other grid.

Samples shown, require more than 1 Gridz.

More info: Balloon Gridz PDF

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