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Guardians of the Galaxy
All Occasion

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Guardians of the Galaxy All Occasion
Helium Savers XL®. Anagram's new line of high quality balloons that require less helium. At 17", they are only 4% smaller than standard 18", but you use up to 20% less helium! Made with XtraLife film for longer float times.
1- 17in. Mylar Balloon


Guardians of the Galaxy
All Occasion Shape

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Guardians of the Galaxy Shape
Jumbo Helium Savers. They are 25% smaller compared to regular Jumbo foil balloons and will save you up to $.50 in helium per balloon which translates into big savings!
1- 28in. Mylar Balloon


Guardians of the Galaxy
All Occasion Bubble

Guardians of the Galaxy Bubble Shape
Bubble Balloon. Stretchy plastic balloons that inflate round with smooth, wrinkle-free seams like a beach ball, creating an amazing 3-D effect from every angle! They never oxidize and are non-allergenic - and they float for weeks!
1- 22in. Bubble Balloon



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